Apply for payday loan online bad credit: rapid approval

If you are looking for a payday loan online bad credit, you can find more info from GreenDay. Over nine million customers have turned to this financial company to obtain the credit needed to finance the purchase of goods or only to renovate their home or take a trip abroad. The flexibility of these loans is one of the main features that makes them different from the other products offered by common lenders.

Surely Good lender loans are among the best sites to make a free and online loan quote. To give a practical example, for a loan of 10 thousand USD to be repaid in 72 convenient installments, installments of 163.80 USD will have to be repaid, with a tan of 4.91% and only a cost of 2 USD per month for management of practice.

The total stamp duty to be paid once is 16 USD. The flexibility of Good lender loans allows you to be able to skip even an installment (only once a year) and three times maximum during the whole loan. This type of option is granted only to those who repay the installment through a bank rid and who demonstrate that they have paid the previous installments on an absolutely regular basis. It is also possible to change the amount of a single installment, once a year.

Acceptance of the loan has been communicated

Acceptance of the loan has been communicated

During the whole loan, the installment amount can be changed only three times. Also, in this case, the aforementioned benefits will be valid only for those who reimburse the installment via bank wire. It is also possible to choose to provide the financing with insurance coverage that allows you to cover the installments discovered in the event of harmful events such as the loss of a job or in the event of the debtor’s death.

Another convenience reserved for Good lender loan customers is to be able to pay off the entire loan amount at any time. In the case of partial extinction, no penalties will have to be paid. If, on the other hand, you want to pay off the entire debt, the overall amount to be repaid will include the residual principal, interest and a small penalty which maybe 1% of the repaid amount if more than one year of financing remains to be paid and it will be 0.5% if the amount to be paid if the remaining installments are less than one year.

It takes just a few simple documents to be able to submit your loan application. It will be sufficient to attach your own identity document, the tax code and the document certifying the applicant’s income (paycheck or tax return). Once the acceptance of the loan has been communicated, you can decide whether to receive the amount by bank draft or by crediting your bank account. The refund method will also be chosen by the customer. You can opt for payment by bank wire or by simple postal slips, the booklet of which will be sent by Good lender loans to the customer’s home.

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