He then receives an additional loan on favorable terms. Here you will find all the important information that will help you to understand the world of mortgages, real estate financing or follow-up financing.

nd of building savings to secure the conditions for the entire term of the loan. Varying loan – with and without an interest cap (“loan amount disbursed”). The conditions for loans to civil servants are therefore comparatively favorable.

Financial advisor to the real estate agent in Monheim

Financial advisor to the real estate agent in Monheim

Welcome to the dominant financial center! The dominant financial center is a licensed tax office in the areas of financing, insurance and real estate with the associated cooperation partners Good Finance and Good Credit financing portals and CoPro insurance brokers. Construction financing with different fixed interest rates of 5 to 30 years (annuity loans, long-term loans, term loans, variable loans, etc.) at top conditions from the takeover offer from over 250 affiliated banks.

Acquisition loan for free availability with a term of 12 to 120 months, with loan amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 at top conditions with personal support or as an online option. Insurance check as an independent insurance broker in the areas of property insurance and pension solutions (liability, building, household, pension, motor vehicle, accident, legal protection, training, life at risk, supplementary health insurance).

Mortgages | Real estate financing

ortgages | Real estate financing

A constant interest rate during the fixed interest period means that you can rely on a high level of calculation security. The monthly rate consists of interest and an amortization component. Because you are free of debts every month and the interest rate portion decreases every day, the corresponding repayment portion increases steadily over the period by the interest saved.

Predictable: Constant monthly rate during the commitment period. Secured: Fixed interest rate throughout the entire fixed interest period. In the case of a bullet loan, you only pay the accrued interest on borrowed capital for the duration. Instead of repaying the loan immediately, the saved repayments do not flow directly to the lender, but in a profitable form of investment that is concluded separately.

The form of investment is transferred to the lender as collateral. At the end of the term of this type of investment, you will end up repaying your total loan in one go. In the case of a variable loan, the interest is usually adjusted quarterly to the respective market interest rate. You can also convert the variable loan into a loan with a fixed interest rate (swap).

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